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Normally no refund is given for early return of the car.

CheapyCars reserves the right to collect the vehicle at any time, and in so doing, with the sole obligation of reimbursing the renter the balance, if any, of any amount paid pursuant to the rental agreement.

The car must be returned to the contracted place.

Night handling cost (22:00-08:00) is 20 euros.

The renter shall ensure that the vehicle is used correctly at all times.

Rates are stated in euro and pounds, and are subject to change without notice.

The renter shall also ensure that no one other than the persons authorised in this rental period agreement drives or operates the vehicle. Should the vehicle be driven or operated by any unauthorised person the renter shall be directed liable for any damage or loss inflicted on the vehicle of the third party.

The renter must held a valid driver´s licence for a period of at least 12 months preceding the date of the rental agreement. Additional drivers must be approved by CheapyCars, be named in the rental agreement and meet the conditions requered of the renter.

Minimum Age – Young Driver Restriction Minimum age is 25 years.

Maximum Age Restriction Maximum rental age is 75 years.

Cross Bordering and Territorial Restrictions The vehicle may only be taken into following countries: spain, Portugal and Gibraltar

Baby Seat Charge: EUR 2.00 per day; maximum of EUR 50.00

Child Seat Charge: EUR 2.00 per day; maximum of EUR 50.

GPS Charge: EUR 5.00 per day; maximum of EUR 50.

Insurance Liability- Excess- Deductible in Event of an Accident or Theft Excess is EUR 300.00 – 500.00 depending on a car group.

Fuel Policy Cars supplied with a maximum of 1/2 full. In the event of return with less level than provided, customer should pay for the difference.

Cancelation of the online booking is free.

The renter acknowledges that the vehicle was received in perfect mechanical condition and undertakes to keep it in good condition. The renter will not permit any repair to the vehicle without the prior consent of CheapyCars.

The renter shall be liable for all parking and traffic violations as soon as he becomes aware of such fines even though the case has not yet been settled in court. The renter agrees to inform CheapyCars of all traffic violation fines imposed on the vehicle of the renter. If for whatever reason the vehicle is detained by the authorities due to the actions of or the failure to act by the renter, the renter shall bear full responsibility for such detention and agrees to indemnify CheapyCars.

The renter acknowledges the obligation to empty the vehicle of his or her personal belongings at the expiry of the rental period. CheapyCars retains personal belongings found in vehicles for one month.

Loss of car keys and documents: A minimum charge of 18€ applies for each time new keys or documents are required. The renter is liable for all expenses related to the delivery of spare keys and documents.

The contract, signed by company and customer at the time of delivering the vehicle, shows the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

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